DrumBo™ Platinum Series BBQ Smoker


Introducing The DrumBo Platinum Series . Kick up your charcoal grilling a notch with this premium rendition of our Custom DrumBo. If you are ready to unlock the full power of the DrumBo system, this one is for you. The DrumBo Platinum Series uses a custom-built virgin 19g steel drum manufactured from Canadian Steel and rolled in Alberta. On top of all the great features in the Drumbo Classic, you also get a whole stack of accessories.
Love Barbeque? Sick of your current BBQ Grill? DrumBo Custom Charcoal BBQ Smokers are easy to use, and produce amazing results. Find out why experts say DrumBo is the best bbq smoker.


Want something a little more custom?

Dress Up Your DrumBo

Each DrumBo Platinum Series Includes:

  • The Rib Rack: Used to hang anything from ribs to poultry to maximize the cooking space of your drum
  • Diffuser Place: Reduce flareups, displace heat and avoid hotspots with our custom engineered plate
  • Sear Stack: Intended for quick cooks to raise your fire so you don’t have to light your big basket in the bottom which turns your DrumBo into a kettle cooking sear station.

They also include:

  • Castor Wheels
  • Lid Hinge
  • Lower Heat Shield
  • Lower Charcoal Basket
  • 22.5″Grill Grate
  • Rib Rack c/w hooks
  • Diffuser Plate
  • Drip Lip
  • Sear Stack (includes extra grill grate, upper heat shield and upper mini charcoal baskets )


We have done everything we can to keep this barbecue as Canadian and as Albertan as humanly possible.
The DrumBo Deluxe measures 42″ tall and is 29″ x 29″ wide including the air intake pipes and the hinge and handles.
  • All steel components are hand built in our work shop in Wainwright Alberta.
  • Each Drums parts are fitted and stamped to ensure they are all up to our standards.
  • The finished drums are powder coated.
  • All the retaining hardware is sealed to the Drum using high temperature sealants.


You can happily cook 6 pork shoulders or 2 briskets or 12 racks of ribs (Using the rib rack accessory). You can spatchcock and cook a 20-25lb turkey and up to 4 chickens can be cooked either hanging or spatchcocked.


If you have owned and used a pellet grill, this side step into live fire cooking with charcoal is going to take your barbecued food to a whole new level of enjoyment. These Drums are built for both professional pitmasters as well as the backyard enthusiast.


Contact us a via phone, email or messenger for all your needs or with questions.
When you buy a DrumBo™ you get Matt and Alex and all our cooking expertise and building knowledge to back you up. You are not alone.

What you get with your DrumBo:

  • 19gauge Virgin Steel Drum
  • 19gauge Virgin Steel removable Heat Shield
  • Maximum Air flow Charcoal Basket
  • Dual 2” air intakes with Variable Air Valves
  • 2” exhaust stack with Variable Valve
  • Fully adjustable 4 level rack system
  • 22” standard Barbecue Grate
  • 4 ball bearing casters
  • 1 Custom “DB” hinge
  • 3 Custom “DB” handles
  • 1 Baker Industrial grade Thermometer
  • Sealed inserts and bolt holes
  • Powder coated paint
  • Stainless Steel “DB” Badging
  • No assembly required
  • DrumBo comes ready to season and use