DrumBo Side Table and Shelf


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We built a shelf that works on either side of the DrumBo.
We put things on it (them).
We fiddled about with it (them).
We added a tool rack for stuff like tongs and thermometers.
Other than a hook to hang your tings on we didn’t like any of the concepts.
We noticed that during our testing and experimenting with these barbecues there was always a stainless steel table next to it.
In the corner of the table was an ice pail and a cloth to keep the table clean. Underneath there was a full size shelf that stores racks, cleaning brushes, Rib hangers and of course the charcoal chimney.
It was easy to clean and could be used for prep and a sanitary place for the raw or finished product as well as a place to rest you tongs, though we still like the hook idea.
We didn’t invent this table but it truly is the most practical and cost effective and easy to clean option to keep everything in one place.
*We have completely sold out. Hopefully we will have another shipment soon.

36 x 24 in. Stainless-Steel Table with lower shelf.


Not at all! We here at DrumBo believe charcoal grilling should be easy and fun for anyone. The DrumBo makes the process of charcoal smoking a breeze.

Every DrumBo comes equipped with an internal thermometer, so you have an instant readout on the go. 

Absolutely! Your DrumBo is fully customizable. Our team is happy to help make your DrumBo design dreams a reality.

Use dry seasoned hardwood from your local region or BBQ shop.

$325 CAD Flat-Rate Shipping within Canada for all Drumbo Smokers

$30 CAD Flat-Rate Accessory Shipping within Canada