Warranty, returns, and replacements

Our warranty is limited to repairing or replacing of any part (s) which, under normal use, DrumBo determines, after reasonable examination, to be defective.

DrumBo will gladly replace any parts found to be JunkBo with equivalent parts and shall ship replacement parts at the owner‘s expense to the owner‘s designated shipping address. Warranty applicable only to original purchaser.

THIS LIMITED WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER THE FOLLOWING: Any damage, failure, or operating difficulties caused by accident, abuse, misuse, alteration, misapplication, vandalism, improper maintenance; damage to paint due to overheating; and cracks or chips in the exterior paint after delivery to original owner. Unauthorized alteration to the original DrumBo design indefinitely voids all warranties. DrumBo will not be held responsible for failure to follow federal, provincial or municipal building and fire codes.

To make a long story short, if your DrumBo gives you grief, give us a call!

We’ll get you fixed up.

Matt and Alex

Returns and Replacement DrumBos

  • We do accept returns of unopened and unused DrumBo or accessories with a 20% restocking charge. Please note we need proof of purchase and a prior email before retuning any item.
  • We will rectify any damage to any item at no cost to you.
  • Please see warranty information.

Please note. If parts are defective they are not subject to the restocking charge.

Unused and unopened returns ARE subject to 20% restocking chrges.

Please send the following items with your claim or concern.

Pictures of any damage

Your order number

Contact info

Your Name