DrumBo Canadian Drum Smokers are built in Wainwright Alberta.

Welcome to DrumBo Nation

It all started when Alex married the mom (Miss Wendy) and Matt married the daughter (Chasney).
When we first met, we knew there was a special connection with our passion for BBQ and we began our venture in creating a quality, affordable, handcrafted Canadian made product for everyone to enjoy.
Our mission is to take the fear out of charcoal cooking and show the versatility cooking with live fire can offer along with efficiency, no power and no gas. Just you and your pit creating masterful flavour  combinations that you never thought possible.
Our backgrounds as qualified tradesmen and specialization in welding, coatings, mechanics and quality control allow us to bring you the confidence in choosing DrumBo for your next Barbecue tool.
With 20 years as a restaurant owner and chef (Alex) and barbecue competitors, we can assure that they are tested and true by the guys who build them and should hold no limit to your barbecue creativity and imagination.
Thank you for choosing DrumBo

Matt and Alex

We make Artisan Drum Smokers

We are both passionate about cooking on our DrumBos and enjoy coming up with ideas and recipes that everyone can recreate and enjoy.

Each DrumBo is the result of countless hours of testing and tweaking to get each one to be uniquely yours. Almost all components and parts are laser cut and hand fitted to give each DrumBo a handcrafted feel.

We have designed the DrumBo to be the outdoor culinary companion to all your gatherings. Just don’t cook ‘indoors’ on it. It moves smoothly into location for cooking and back into its storage space so it’s not in the way. It is available with a heavy-duty protective cover to ensure your investment stays looking grate for years.
DrumBo Handcrafted by Albertans who cook on them. We use our smokers every day, get yours now. We don’t even own propane grills because of everything we’ve learned about cooking over charcoal and we’re happy to share all our barbecue secrets with you so that you can get the most from your DrumBo.

We are Matt & Alex of DrumBo

DrumBo Custom Charcoal Smoker Grill BBQ. The Best Charcoal Drum Smoker Available

Matt Malo is a Journeyman welder, CWB Level 3 welding inspector, AMPP level 2 coating inspector, ABSA welding examiner and Project Management Professional with a major passion for BBQ.

Alex Heath is a 20-year restaurant owner and entrepreneur. A Pit Master and KCBS Certified Barbecue Judge. Qualified British Army Bench fitter and mechanic. (A long time ago lol.) Alex is also a Red Seal Auto Technician and Classically French trained Chef.

DrumBo Custom Charcoal Smoker Grill BBQ. The Best Charcoal Drum Smoker Available
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