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No Fear charcoal cooking for everyone

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How To Get Started

DrumBo™ is dedicated to making Charcoal drum smoking quick, easy and accessible. Find out the difference charcoal makes and enjoy the best-tasting barbecue you have ever had. Trust the champs: The DrumBo™ is the preferred charcoal drum smoker for Grand Champions because of its thoughtful design, its hot and fast cooking times, and quality craftsmanship means it holds up under pressure when you need it most. From the backyard to the competition circuit, DrumBo™ has you covered.

1. Pick your DrumBo

Determine which version of the DrumBo is best for you. Check out our Comparison Guide

2. Pick your Finish

Check our our stunning custom finishes, or design your own! 

3. Pick your Accessories

Supercharge your DrumBo experience with our wide array of attachments and accessories for your DrumBo

4. Get Smokin

Check our our helpful how tos and tutorials to get the most out of your Artisan Drum Smoker


Want to learn more on how to get the best out of your DrumBo? Follow us on Instagram and Youtube for our latest tutorials and recipies. 

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Want to learn more on how to get the best out of your DrumBo? Follow us on Instagram and Youtube for our latest tutorials and recipies. 

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Why Charcoal Drum Smokers?

You can cook the classic 4 Barbecue meats of brisket, pork butt, pork ribs and chicken in the hot and fast style which this pit excels at. Imagine being able to put a brisket on your DrumBo before lunch and it being ready to eat for supper with friends and family. Or you can use the optional Sear Stack, turning your DrumBo into a kettle grill  to cook your burgers and wings to enjoy while watching the game. And don’t forget dessert. DrumBo smokers are grate at cooking anything that can be cooked in an oven.

Charcoal drum smokers are the best way to get that “ Real Barbecue taste” into each and every bite. The flavours will make all your friends want to stop in when you say “the meat is done already.”

Cooking over “live-fire” guarantees a great bark with real tenderness, all controlled by you and your DrumBo.

This pit is straightforward and easy to use. No gas, no power, this drum work everywhere you are. If you can light a match you can light a DrumBo. 

DrumBo is priced to enable you to enjoy cooking Hot and Fast on a budget. No more figuring out the exchange rate to purchase from the U.S. No more excessive freight charges. 

Built from Canadian steel, by Canadians.

No surprises with duties or extra taxes.

If you don’t see the colours you like, give us a call or direct message us  and we will create a one of a kind DrumBo for you.
  •  By shipping “depot to depot or to a business” we can keep shipping costs from getting out of control. We can also ship straight to your door but it does cost a little more.
  • We proudly make DrumBo in Wainwright Alberta so we can completely control the quality and build standards. We stand behind and in front of each and every DrumBo so you can feel confident in your purchase for years to come. If your DrumBo develops a concern just call, text or email us and we will get you sorted. We cannot warranty the paint and decals because we have no control on internal temperatures of the DrumBo. (No worries, we will advise you how to control your temps to prevent damage.)
  •  We actually cook on these pits in all seasons(check out our videos on youTube) and have done for years. If you have a cooking or operating question, call, text or email and we will answer you. Guaranteed.
  • Lastly, know that when you purchase a DrumBo you get Matt 780-812-8977 and Alex 780-842-0960 for total support.

the secret sauce to the drumbo

What Makes The DrumBo™ Different

Built with love, passion and skill to unlock the full power of the DrumBo. Our clear vision on useability will allow you to unlock your full barbecue potential. 

Each DrumBo is the result of countless hours of testing and tweaking to get each one to be uniquely yours. Almost all the components and part are laser cut and individually fitted to give each DrumBo a handcrafted, one of a kind feel. Don’t worry about denting your DrumBo, we will put the first dent for you. Your drum may come with the odd dent, this is part of the handcrafted build process and is unfortunately unavoidable.

We have designed the DrumBo to be the outdoor culinary companion for all your gatherings. Just don’t cook ‘indoors’ on it. It moves smoothly into location for cooking and back into its storage space so it’s not in the way. It is available with a heavy-duty protective cover to ensure your investment stays looking grate for years.

Canadian Steel

Custom-built virgin 19g steel drum

No Assembly Required

Just unpack the drum and its ready to go. No complicated setup

Custom Finish

The finished drums are powder coated by local artisans. Check them out! Doghouse Coatings

Hand Built

All steel components handcrafted in Wainwright, Alberta

Incredible Capacity

792 square inches of cooking grate surface when using 2 grates

Built Right

Professional grade fabrication and assembly for the back yard enthusiast and grand champion alike

DrumBo Model Comparison

Trust DrumBo for your next barbecue tool and take charcoal cooking to the next level

DrumBo Classic

$ 1447.00
  • Everything you need to get started with No Fear charcoal cooking
  • Standard colour options
  • Fully customizable with accessories and custom powder coat finishes
  • Handcrafted & assembled just for you
  • Each DrumBo is individualized with a unique hand stamped serial number

DrumBo Competition

$ 1697.00
  • Built with the competition mindset
  • Designed with professional pitmasters
  • Competition fit adjustable rack system
  • High mobility locking castor wheels
  • Upper and lower heat shields
  • and much more

DrumBo Deluxe

$ 1897.00
  • The DrumBo Classic fully accessorized
  • Standard colour options
  • Fully customizable powder coat finishes
  • Handcrafted & assembled just for you
  • Each DrumBo is individualized with a unique hand stamped serial number