The DrumBo Smoker BBQ team wins at a BBQ Competition
The championship winner
Fire up your DrumBo and stabilize the temp at 300F.
Take your packer Brisket from the wrapper.
Rinse and dry with paper towel. Trim the fat decal from between the flat and point muscle to the desired amount.
Trim the fat cap to about 1/4″ thick over the top of the meat.
Rub yellow mustard over the entire surface of the brisket.
Season with DrumBo Crush or Prairie BBQ Big Beef Rub and Tumbleweed.
Place in the top part of the DrumBo on a clean grill grate fat up.
Cook for 1 hour and rotate grate, cook for another hour.
Flip Brisket fat down and cook for another hour and start checking internal temp.
When brisket achieves 160F internal, wrap in foil or paper adding beef broth, bbq sauce, brown sugar and honey.
Add a little more rub at this time too.
Rotate every 30 mins.
When brisket is “probe tender” remove from DrumBo and rest for 1 hour in a warm spot.
Note: we take our briskets to 210F to 212F to ensure tenderness. Probe tender is the most accurate feel you can use.
Slice and enjoy.
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