The DrumBo Smoker BBQ team wins at a BBQ Competition
DrumBo Style Pork Loin
This meat often goes on sale at the super market and is a fantastic way to feed the whole family. One half loin will easily feed 15 people…Depending on whether you have teen age boys!
Light your drumBo and bring it to 350F and add a couple of chunks of mild seasoned hard wood such as apple or maple wood.
Open the package and rinse and dry the meat.
Do a quick trim. Do not get carried away.
This is a very lean piece of meat so DO NOT OVER COOK.
Using yellow mustard rub a thin layer over the entire surface of the meat.
Liberally season with “Crush” All Purpose Seasoning by DrumBo.
Place the loin on the middle grill grate.
Cook to an internal temp of 145F maximum to ensure the meat is moist and juicy.
Do Not Over Cook.
Rest for 30 minutes and slice as thick as you like.
Serve with your favourite Barbecue sauce.
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