The DrumBo Smoker BBQ team wins at a BBQ Competition
Pork Tenderloin
If you are looking for a lean meat that is affordable and delicious this is the cook for you.
Fire up your DrumBo to 300F
Apply a thin layer of your favorite binder, mustard or balsamic vinegar glaze are some of our favorites. Season your pork tenderloins with your desired pork rub blend. A classic blend we use is Tumble Weed from Prairie Smoke and Spice out of Regina SK.
Place the tenderloin(s) on the DrumBo rotating your rack every 20 minutes until you reach an internal temp of 145F. Flip the tenderloin(s) half way through your cook to get a nice char on both sides.
Let rest 20 to 30 minutes. Slice. Serve. Enjoy
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