The DrumBo Smoker BBQ team wins at a BBQ Competition
Spatchcocked Chicken and Turkey
This the fastest way to cook a chicken or turkey because you cook the poultry flat on the upper grill grate.
Rinse and dry your bird. “Dead Bird” lol. Place the bird breast down on a cutting board and using a sharp knife or poultry scissors cut out the back bone. Save the back bone and the giblets to make stock for your gravy.
Flip the bird breast side up. spread the sides out and push down sharply on the breast bone snapping it and flattening the bird.
Using canola oil rub the entire surface of the chicken with the oil and season with 1908 Quantum Seasoning.
Place the prepared bird breast up on the uppermost cooking grate on a perviously preheated DrumBo at 325F.
Rotate every 30 minutes and flip breast down at the 1 hour mark.
Cook until internal temp reaches a minimum of 165F.
For crispy skin keep cooing until 185F-195F.
Remove from DrumBo and cover and rest for 20 minutes.
Slice and serve the best tasting roasted chicken you’ve ever eaten.
Note: Cook times are approximate. Extend cook times for cooking a turkey.
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