The DrumBo Smoker BBQ team wins at a BBQ Competition
Sirloin tip beef roast
A great way to feed on budget while having fun with flavor.
We buy these roasts when they are on sale because the are cheap and really easy to cook, tender all while tasting great. They are useful to feed your family or a great alternative for meal prepping.
Fire up your DrumBo to 300F
Season your roast with a course blend of spice mix, DrumBo Crush and Prairie Smoke and Spice Steak Shake paired really well together on this one. You may choose a binder like mustard to layer on before applying spice to help the spice adhere to the roast. If you are in no rush, let the spice dry brine for 30 minutes to maximize flavor
Place on your DrumBo, rotating your rack every 20 minutes until you reach an internal temperature of 128F for a perfect medium rare. Flip half way through the achieve a nice bark on both sides. Cook longer for your desired doneness.
One removed from the DrumBo we like to rest these a little longer around 30-40 minutes to let the roast relax and maximize tenderness.
Slice and serve with your favorite sides and level this roast up a notch with our Hot Garlic Crunch Cream
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