Canadian Made
Drum Smokers

What is a DrumBo?

DrumBo Canadian Drum Smokers are handcrafted in Wainwright Alberta. These are professional quality drums built by Albertans that have cooked on them for years.

Who we are

They are handcrafted by Pit Master and Restaurateur Alex Heath and Welder and Quality Management Specialist Matt Malo.

Built Different

We found problems in other smokers and redesigned the drum smoker from the ground up, for ease of use and efficiency. Learn more about what makes our smokers different

No fear Charcoal

Ready to start smoking? Check our our 3 editions: Competition, Deluxe and Classic. You can also check out our customization options and accessories

No Fear
Charcoal Cooking

Canadas luxury drum smokers, handcrafted in Wainwright Alberta

DrumBo is here to end the stigma that charcoal cooking is limited. With its high temps and fast cook times, the DrumBo makes smoking and grilling easy, versatile and accessible to everyone. Whether its cooking for the family, competitions or a get together, the DrumBo keeps you coming back for more.

Committed to your comfort when cooking with charcoal

Drumbo Editions
Drum Smoker Canada Custom BBQ Smoker Meat Smoker Custom Drum BBQ Smoker Made in Canada Charcoal Grill BBQ Meat Best Charcoal Grill Best Drum Smoker

Canadas luxury drum smokers, 

handcrafted in Wainwright Alberta

Trusted by Canadian pitmasters everywhere and backed by Matt and Alex.


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DrumBo™ is built different.

Quality comes first. DrumBo™ has a thoughtful design and plenty of accessories to make sure your meat comes out perfect… every time. This is the Perfect Portable Charcoal Grill and Smoker. Mobile and quick to light. It’s versatile and portable. This is the Buddy that you want to come camping with you.

Canadian Steel

Custom-built virgin 19g steel drum

No Assembly Required

Just unpack the drum and its ready to go. No complicated setup

Custom Finish

The finished drums are powder coated by local artisans. Check them out! Doghouse Coatings

Hand Built

All steel components handcrafted in Wainwright, Alberta

Incredible Capacity

792 square inches of cooking grate surface when use 2 grates

Built Right

Professional grade fabrication and assembly for the back yard enthusiast and grand champion alike


Limitless creativity with the DrumBo is encouraged, use as an oven, pan fry, make bread, char vegetables or even make pizza. heck, it will even cook Barbecue


DrumBo is priced so you can enjoy no fear charcoal cooking on a budget. No more figuring out the exchange rate to purchase from the U.S. No more surprises with shipping, duties and taxes. everything is pre quoted for your comfort.

Easy To Use

Simple and straightforward cooking over live fire. No need for power, gas or pellets. Just good Ol' Charcoal and meat and you’ve got yourself a feast.