DrumBuddy™ - Easy to use portable charcoal grill & smoker


DrumBuddy: Easy to use portable charcoal grill & smoker

Introducing your new best friend! It’s quick to light with flexible cooking temperatures and easy to lift and carry. Whether you’re camping, tailgating, or in the backyard, The DrumBuddy is the common sense charcoal drum cooker just half the size of the original DrumBo.
Versatile, portable, powerful, the DrumBuddy can produce championship-level smoked Barbecue on anywhere.


Want something a little more custom?

Dress Up Your DrumBo

What’s the difference between a DrumBo™ and a DrumBuddy™…in a word….Size.

The All New DrumBuddy Charcoal Barrel Smoker and Grill is half the size of the Original DrumBo™ Classic Drum Smoker and Grill.

The All New DrumBuddy™ is the only drum smoker and grill available on the market today to come fully equipped for your future outdoor cooking enjoyment.

If we peel off the layers of the DrumBuddy, it comes with an easy slide on/off all weather cover.

The lid lifts off simply using the ventilated handle that keeps the temperature manageable. 

Under the lid you will notice a heavy-duty flat hook to hook over the top edge of the barrel and rest against the handle. The flat design stops the lid from rocking on the drum and reduces damage to the paint.  

The lid is also equipped with a rotary exhaust valve used in control of your Buddies temperature.

The first item you find in the top of your Buddy are the rib rods for hanging ribs, chicken or bigger pieces of meat. Just unscrew 2 of the rack bolts on one end of each rod and they lift out to remove and clean. 

There are 8 stainless steel meat hooks included that are long and sharp. Watch the points. 

Next you will find the chromed steel grill grate that is perfect for cooking burgers, steak, or other tasty treats like chicken wings or jalapeño poppers. It can be used on the lower two rack bolt settings.

You can see the rack bolts are removable and adjustable by hand. 

Note: Only ever hand tighten. Do not use a wrench to tighten. The bolts are for supporting the rack and rods, not for tightening anything in place.

Note: Some models are fitted with O-rings at the base of each bolt. These provide a seal between the bolt and the barrel/drum body. Do not overtighten.

At the bottom you can see the removable Charcoal basket with its built-in heat shield and ash-catcher. Simply lift the basket out to remove the ash for cleaning or for loading charcoal into your one-piece basket. The handle is constructed from ridged mild steel to prevent slippage when handling the basket.

Be careful not to hit the industrial thermometer probe when lifting or installing the basket. Your DrumBo is designed to cook at 300ºF  

Temperatures over 400ºF may cause injury to your DrumBo.

Now walk round your new Buddy. Check out the welded legs keeping the heat off the ground or deck below. Admire the single stack hidden at the back giving your new DrumBuddy a sleek look that all your friends and family will comment on. 

Operation is now simpler than ever. Place your Charcoal basket on the ground and ¾ fill with your favourite Charcoal. Lower the basket into the Buddy. Light a chimney or light the basket directly with a propane torch or fire-lighting cubes or nests. We like chimneys.

After the chimney is ¾ alight, carefully dump the contents onto the charcoal in the basket and wait 10 minutes with the lid off and the top and back valves fully open.

Put the lid on and you are ready to cook. You can leave the top and back valves fully open for high temps. We recommend cooking at 300ºF which may mean you have to close the back valve to halfway open depending on altitude, wind and ambient temperature.


Grate Look, Grate Cook,

For Charcoal cooking…it’s all you need.