DrumBo™ Pitmaster Series BBQ Smoker


Introducing the DrumBo™ Pittmaster Series: Built for the competitor on the circuit or at home. When the going gets tough, this DrumBo™ can take it. Specifically reengineered with input from world champion Pitmasters, the DrumBo™ Pittmaster Series has proven its metal with competitors and BBQ Schools alike. Cook with the same equipment the pros use and unlock your inner champion.


Want something a little more custom?

Dress Up Your DrumBo

Main Features:

  • High mobility locking wheels
  • Modified rack configurations with more versatility and space to add racks and waterpans
  • Fully equip with all heat shields for maximizing the DrumBo™ Pittmaster Series heat retention and stability.

They also include:

  • Castor Wheels 3″
  • Lid Hinge
  • Lower Heat Shield
  • Upper Heat Sheild
  • Lower Charcoal Basket
  • 22.5″Grill Grate
  • Diffuser Plate
  • Drip Lip


We have done everything we can to keep this barbecue as Canadian and as Albertan as humanly possible.
The DrumBo Deluxe measures 43″ tall and is 29″ x 29″ wide including the air intake pipes and the hinge and handles.
  • All steel components are hand built in our work shop in Wainwright Alberta.
  • Each Drums parts are fitted and stamped to ensure they are all up to our standards.
  • The finished drums are powder coated.
  • All the retaining hardware is sealed to the Drum using high temperature sealants.


You can happily cook 6 pork shoulders or 2 briskets or 12 racks of ribs (Using the rib rack accessory). You can spatchcock and cook a 20-25lb turkey and up to 4 chickens can be cooked either hanging or spatchcocked.


If you have owned and used a pellet grill, this side step into live fire cooking with charcoal is going to take your barbecued food to a whole new level of enjoyment. These Drums are built for both professional pitmasters as well as the backyard enthusiast.


Contact us a via phone, email or messenger for all your needs or with questions.
When you buy a DrumBo™ you get Matt and Alex and all our cooking expertise and building knowledge to back you up. You are not alone.

What you get with your DrumBo™:

  • 19gauge Virgin Steel Drum
  • 19gauge Virgin Steel removable Heat Shield
  • Maximum Air flow Charcoal Basket
  • Dual 2” air intakes with Variable Air Valves
  • 2” exhaust stack with Variable Valve
  • Fully adjustable competition rack system
  • 2 x 22.5” standard Barbecue Grate
  • 1 Custom “DB” hinge
  • 3 Custom “DB” handles
  • 1 Baker Industrial grade Thermometer
  • Sealed inserts and bolt holes
  • Powder coated
  • Stainless Steel “DB” Badging
  • No assembly required
  • DrumBo comes ready to season and use