Dress up your drumbo – accessories you need

The Legend is designed to be user friendly right out of the box. The classic rack heights provide the perfect levels to cook Hot and Fast on. No Fear Charcoal Cooking.

-If you are storing your DrumBo Buddy, Legend or Pitmaster outside, we recommend the All Weather cover to protect your investment.

-If you’re wrapping your food with paper we suggest using the Lower heat diffuser to provide even heat throughout the barrel and to ensure you don’t scorch or burn your food.

The Pitmaster has 3 option bundles:

-The Sear Stack Bundle lifts your charcoal baskets to the top of your cooker to provide you with searing action just like a Kettle Grill. The Upper Lid Heat Shield protects the finish on your lid while reflecting heat back down onto the top of your food. Steaks and burgers are easier and faster than a propane grill! Supper is ready to cook in 15 minutes.

-The Competition Bundle is specifically designed for the Barbeque circuit. With the extra Grill Grate, the Upper Heat shield and the Heat Diffuser Plate making this the perfect combo for award winning competition food each and every time. Cook Hot and Fast with steady temps and no surprises.

-The Back Yard Supreme gives you all the above options plus the DrumBo Rib Rack that allows you to cook anything you want by hanging the food from the top of the DrumBo over the live fire below. Imagine cooking 12 racks of ribs to perfection in one Charcoal Cooker. You get the Rib Rack, Sear stack, all the pieces of the Competition Bundle with the peace of mind of knowing your DrumBo is protected with the All Weather cover.

-The Barbecue Matt protects your floor from any spills that might occur.

-The side table is a real table, not something hanging off the side of your DrumBo. Lots of room to place utensils, thermometers, and of course your food in complete safety and sanitary conditions and with ultimate stability. Easy to clean Stainless Steel ensures decades of reliable service.

-The Charcoal Chimney is our recommended “fail safe” method of lighting your DrumBo. Just fill with lump charcoal and dump into your charcoal basket and you’re ready to cook in less than 20 minutes.

DrumBo “Crush” is the Ultimate All Purpose Rub and Seasoning for virtually all foods. Not to Salty, Not to Sweet, Not to Spicy…Just right.

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