Seasoning Your DrumBo

INSTRUCTIONS FOR SEASONING DRUMBO BEFORE COOKING:                                                                         

  • Follow the Lighting instructions below
  • Liberally spray generic cooking spray all around the inside of the DrumBo including the underside of the lid.
  • Using a full basket of charcoal burn in the drum at 300°F for 2-3 hours.
  • -Ensure your DrumBo is on a level surface away from any combustible surfaces.
  • -Remove charcoal basket and load with desired amount of charcoal. Minimum 1/2 full.
  • -Place unlit basket back inside DrumBo and light from the top down.
  • -We recommend a full charcoal chimney.
  • -Fill chimney with charcoal and light from underneath using newspaper or a small propane torch.
  • -Place the chimney on the top grill grate or a non combustible surface.
  • -Allow the coals to catch light until they are burning just below the top.
  • -Remove the grill grate and carefully dump the the chimney coals on to the top of the basket charcoal.
  • -Leave lid open for 5 minutes while fire is starting.
  • -Close lid on DrumBo and start dialling down the intake valves to reach desired temperature.
  • -275f-325f is recommended operating temperature.
  • -Leave Exhaust valve wide open.
  • -DO NOT OPERATE your DrumBo above 350F
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